Notemaker (in progress)

An easy and fast way so save your notes.
Role: UI Prototyping, Front-End & Back-End Development
Frontend Stack: ReactJS - Hooks & Context API, TypeScript, Styled Components, Reach Router, React Spring, Apollo
Backend Stack: GatsbyJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, AWS Lambda, RDS, Netlifty
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Flexbox Playground

Flexbox is a one-dimensional layout model for building user interfaces. It offers space distribution between items and powerful alignment capabilities.
Role: Front-End Development & UI Prototyping
Frontend Stack: ReactJS, TypeScript, Styled Components
Backend Stack: GatsbyJS, Netlifty
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United Kingdom Road Safety Visualization

Interactive 3D Visualization
Role: Front-End Development
Frontend Stack: Mapbox, DECK.GL, ReactJS
Backend Stack: Netlifty
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Discover the best hiking, biking and skiing adventures across the world's best outdoor spaces, all written by local experts. Plan your day with beautifully detailed 3D maps and take your maps to even the most remote places with offline access
Role: Front-End & Back-End Development
Frontend Stack: ReactJS, Redux, TypeScript, some internal API
Backend Stack: NodeJS, GraphQL, Redis, Heroku, TypeScript
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News360 is a smart news app for your phone or tablet that learns what you like and brings you stories from across the web.
Role: Front-End Development
Frontend Stack: AngularJS back in time
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